Virtual Bee School

This is an on-line school intended as an introduction for new beekeepers and for people who think that they may want to keep honey bees.  It consists of lessons by some of the best (and most experienced) instructors available.  The course should be used by taking the lessons in order.  Intermediate beekeepers may find individual lessons useful as a review of specific topics.

The textbook for the course is written by Dr. John Skinner and is titled “Beekeeping in Tennessee”.   It may be obtained through the Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. Click here to download it as a PDF

Bee Biology & Behavior – Jake Osborne

Getting Started with Your Bees – Barry Richards

Pest and Diseases – David Cook

Gear & Equipment – Trevor Qualls

Inspecting Hives – Joel White

Managing the Colony – Harris Overholt

Sweet Harvest of Honey – Mike Brent

Seasonal Management – Kent Williams

Next Steps & Getting Help – Gene Armstrong/Mike Brent