Reference books for identification of weeds, flowers, trees etc.

As a Beekeeper I think you will find that a weed takes on a new meaning when you see a little golden girl walking around gathering nectar and pollen.

This a list of material we have used during our years of beekeeping. There will be some plants that have other names. There are plants that the bees may not visit. There are plant names that are questionable.

Perhaps the books will inspire some of you to climb fences to pick a weed.. Just look for the poison ivy, don’t wear red and watch for the farmer’s bull!


Field Guide to North American Wildflowers

Audubon Society

Field Guide to North American Trees

Audubon Society

Wild Flower Guide

Laurence Newcomb

Golden Guide to Flowers

Golden Press

Golden Guide to Weeds

Golden Press

American Honey Plants

Frank Pellett

Wildflowers of the S.E. United States


Honey Plants

Harvey Lovell

Trees Of North America

Golden Field Guide

Trees – American Trees

Golden Nature Guide

Right Plant, Right Place

Nicola Ferguson

Weeds of the Southern U.S.

Agriculture Extension Service

Poisonous Plants of the Southern U.S.

Agriculture Extension Service

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