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Want to be a beekeeper? Download our booklet with info on what is required to get started and be a successful beekeeper!

For the latest recommendations on Varroa monitoring and control, visit the Honey Bee Health Coalition website.

Our 1/14/18 meeting topic was microscopy including the study of pollen. Below are some related links:

Click here for the presentation on Legal and Medical Aspects of Beekeeping by Dr Stokes Peebles, Dr. Seth Cooper, and Michael Brent (2-12-17).

Click here for generic epipen coupon for CVS. Prescription required.

Click here for info on registering your apiary with the state of Tennessee

Click here for mentor opportunities in local beeyards

Click here for info on our club lending library

Click here for info related to Michael Brent’s presentation on Legal Liability at the July, 2016 meeting (PDF format)

Click below to download documents provided by David Cook, University of Tennessee Extension at the Feb 2016 meeting (PDF format)

Click here to download Jim Tew’s “A Plan for a Very Simple Observation Hive” (Word document)

Click here to download “Oxalic Acid for the Treatment of Varroa” (PDF file), provided by Jim Primus