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Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

2023 NABA Advanced Workshop

Join us for a full-day workshop devoted to learning from experienced beekeepers how to grow and maintain healthy colonies and raise your own queens. The workshop will be on Saturday, February 4th , 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM at Ellington Agricultural Center – Nashville, TN. The $45.00 registration fee includes lunch.

Featured instructors will include Michael Palmer (Michael is recognized as a worldwide authority on sustainable beekeeping. He raises about 1200 queens and manages more than 1000 colonies in his Vermont apiaries. He will discuss how to keep bees and raise your own queens using nucleus colonies and brood factories.), Clarence Collison Emeritus Prof MSU/Bee Culture, John Benham EAS Master Beekeeper, Al Taylor Queen Bee Breeder, and Mike Studer TN State Apiarist

These are some of the leading beekeeping experts in the United States. Want to take your beekeeping to a higher level?


Morning Sessions

  • “The Sustainable Apiary” Michael Palmer via Zoom
  • “A Closer Look – Factors That Affect Queen Quality” Clarence Collison
  • “Are All Honeybees the Same?“ Al Taylor

Lunch: Corky’s Barbecue

Afternoon Sessions

  • “The State of Beekeeping in Tennessee” Mike Studer
  • “A Bee’s Eye View of Nucs and How They Adapt” John Benham
  • “Swarm Management – Are You Winning the Battle?” Clarence Collison
  • Questions and Answers with Speakers