Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

September 8 Farm Day and potluck luncheon

 The September meeting of the Nashville Area Beekeepers Association will be held on Sunday September 8th starting at 2:00pm at Amy Grant’s Farm near Franklin. If the weather is good, we will be outside and if there is inclement weather, we will be inside the barn. So, we are “a go” rain or shine.

This is our annual pot luck luncheon meeting, so bring a dish of your choice to share. We will provide iced tea and water. If you want to bring your own beverages, please do so.

Our speaker will be Katharina Davitt, who conducted the “Bees in the Classroom” seminar on the Saturday before the NABA meeting. We also expect musical entertainment.

The Farm is located at 1761 Lawrence Road. See the map. We will also have direction signs at key intersections. Bring lawn chairs and bug spray. For the pot-luck, your choice salad, entree, dessert, etc.