Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

Nov 11 Meeting at Belmont

The November 2018 meeting of the Nashville Area Beekeepers Association will be held on Sunday November 11th starting at 2:00pm at Belmont University. See the attached instructions for getting to the meeting room.

John Benham

Meeting Agenda— ” The Second Year Beekeeper”
• You have been to Bee School, now it’s time to start learning some of the finer points.
• So, you have made it through the first year of beekeeping, made some mistakes and want to get better.
• You are in intermediate beekeeper and want to learn some “tricks of the trade”.
• You are an advanced beekeeper and want to pick up some tips from a real master.

If you fit in any of these categories, well, we have the perfect meeting for you: Certified Master Beekeeper, owner of “Pure Barren River Honey” and an officer of the Kentucky Beekeepers Association, John Benham will be here to share his wisdom.

Other agenda items will include:
• Joel White and his monthly “This Month in Beekeeping” feature.

• The Pollinator Plant of the Month segment with Bill Poston

• Q&A With Experienced Beekeepers

Directions to Belmont