Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

NABA meeting Dec 9

December Meeting— The December 2018 meeting of the Nashville Area Beekeepers Association will be held on Sunday, December 9 starting at 2:00pm at Belmont University.  Click here for directions to Belmont.

Meeting Agenda:

Medical Aspects of Beekeeping: Dr. Stokes Peebles (Professor of Allergy
Immunology–Vanderbilt) and Dr. Seth Cooper (NABA beekeeper and doctor of Hematology at St. Thomas Hospital) will discuss medical issues associated with beekeeping, including dealing with bee stings, allergic reactions, eating of honey by young children, responsibilities of the beekeeper, honey & allergies, sting therapy, health benefits of honey, beekeeper medical liabilities and other interesting aspects.

Stokes Peebles and Seth Cooper