Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

March 11 meeting at Belmont

Join us at Belmont University for our monthly meeting on Sunday, February 11, 2pm. Directions to Belmont

Jerry Hayes, photo:

Our speaker this month will be Jerry Hayes, former head Apiarist for the state of Florida. Jerry will talk about the Honey Bee Health Coalition and other national programs that benefit honey bees.

Jerry Hayes is the honey bee health lead for Monsanto’s newly formed BioDirect business unit. Before joining Monsanto he was the Chief of the Apiary Section for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. In the role he was responsible for the regulatory health of the 350,000 colonies in the State of Florida, a state highly dependent on Honey Bee pollination for agricultural success.

For the past 30 years Jerry has written a monthly column in the American Bee Journal called The Classroom and a book by the same name. Jerry is a founding member of the Colony Collapse Working Group, a science advisory board member for Project Apis mellifera (PAm) , the Bee Informed Partnership, and he serves on the Steering Committee of the Honey Bee Health Coalition. He has been author and co-author on multiple research papers that delve into how to understand and preserve honey bee health.

In Jerry’s 35 plus years in the Apiculture Industry his overarching desire has been to create sustainable honey bee management practices while partnering with other segments of agriculture. The cornerstone of his career has been to educate others that honey bees are the key pollinators and the critical role they play in agriculture; while in parallel encouraging the development of multi-dimensional landscapes for the benefit of honey bees and all pollinators.