Nashville Area Beekeepers Association


Tennessee Beekeepers Association – official site

Official Tennessee Resources

UT Extension – University of Tennessee Extension apiculture program

Tennessee Department of Agriculture – Tennessee Department of Agriculture apiary section

Middle Tennessee Beekeeping Clubs (complete list of TN clubs on TBA site)

Beekeepers of Middle Tennessee – Meets in Franklin

Wilson County Beekeepers – Meets in Lebanon

Columbia Area Beekeepers – Meets in Columbia

Marshall County Beekeepers – Meets in Lewisburg

Cheatham County Beekeepers – Meets in Ashland City

Clarksville – Montgomery County Beekeeping Association – Meets in Clarksville

Suppliers of Bees and Bee Equipment

Johnson Honey Farm – NABA’s Robert Johnson and family sell package bees, queens, nucs, honey and beekeeping supplies at 1206 S. Dickerson Road in Goodlettsville, TN.

Bon Aqua Springs Apiaries and Woodenware – Locally owned and operated by NABA member Trevor Qualls.

Wolf Creek Bees – NABA’s John Seaborn in Centerville, TN raises 4.9mm honey bees.

Hon Taylor Honeybees – Al Taylor 615-267-0927, e-mail: web site:

A.I. Root Company – beeswax candles, includes information on Bee Culture magazine.

Bee-Commerce – On-line shopping for beekeeping supplies plus on-line help.

Dadant & Sons – beekeeping supplies and the American Bee Journal. Dadant has a branch in Frankfort, KY

Walter T. Kelley Company – Bee keeping supplies. Based in Clarkson, KY.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm – Beekeeping supplies.

Betterbee – Beekeeping supplies.

Mann Lake – Beekeeping supplies.

State Beekeeping Organizations

Georgia Beekeepers Association – official site

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association – official site

Alabama Beekeepers Association – official site

Bees and Wasps – A very informative website about Bees and Wasps.

Dvash Association – Educational Hives in Warner Park established by two NABA members

Heartland Apicultural Society – Regional beekeeping organization that includes Tennessee.

Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive – archive for the Usenet newsgroup science.agriculture.beekeeping, the listserv bee-l, the sci.agriculture.beekeeping faq, beekeeping, and apiculture information.

Mite Control in Honeybees With Essential Oils – by Jim Amrine, Entomologist & Acarologist, West Virginia University, Division of Plant and Soil Sciences.