Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

Aug 12 meeting – Clarence Collison

The August 2018 meeting of the Nashville Area Beekeepers Association will be held on Sunday August 12th starting at 2:00 pm at Belmont University.

Note that we will be back in our normal meeting roomClick here for directions.    

Did you ever wonder:

  • Why does one beekeeper’s hives thrive, while another beekeeper’s hives struggle to just get by?
  • Why do the hives from one beekeeper have 5-6+ supers of honey in July and another beekeeper struggles to produce any honey at all?
  • Why can two beekeepers get nucs/packages from the same source and get vastly different results?
  • Why do some beekeepers lose 50-70% of their hives each year, while others lose almost none?

Get the answers to these questions in the August meeting. 

Clarence Collison

Our speaker will be Dr. Clarence Collison, science columnist for Bee Culture magazine, beekeeping author and retired Entomology Department Head at Mississippi State University.

He will talk on the topic of: “A Closer Look At Factors Associated With Colony Development.” Learn how to make your colonies better developed and stronger.